Woman gets stuck on cruise’s slide suspended over the ocean

A guest on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship got stuck in the closed-tubed, double-looped ride that sends sliders out over the ocean.

Someone filmed the woman, who has since been identified as Paige Hodgson, starting the Ocean Loops slide from the top of the deck and then catching a glimpse of her in the transparent portions of the slide over the water. But, instead of curving back to the base of the ship, Hodgson seems to not gain enough momentum and begins to slide backward. She eventually stops, again in the transparent section of the tube, and is suspended over the ocean.

A travel agent who goes by @ymg_travels on TikTok uploaded the footage to her account and racked up more than 15 million views.


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Commenters were terrified by the mishap — particularly the idea of being stuck in a tube and being able to see the ocean below you.

“That is super scary,” one person commented. “I’m claustrophobic so that does not help.”

In response, @ymg_travels explained that just in case this does happen, there is a door on the side of the ship where an employee can quickly pull out the guest to safety.

“My biggest fears unlocked,” another added.

Hodgson told the Daily Mail that the video showed one of her three failed attempts to go on the slide.

TikTok user @ymg_travels also added a video of what the Ocean Loops slide is supposed to look like.


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Commenters on the second video pointed out that there didn’t seem to be a lot of water flowing throughout the tubes, but that might not be the issue. According to the Norwegian Cruises’ website, there is a minimum weight requirement of 130 pounds to ride the Ocean Loops.

“I kept getting stuck because apparently, I was too light and small to make it all the way around. However, I’ve seen smaller people complete the slide,” Hodgson said, according to Newsflare. “It’s an absolute mystery as to why I failed so many times — even the staff were baffled.”

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