Woman gives full history of trending ‘Hey, Mickey!’ song

You can find one thing across all social platforms: Thirst traps.

Videos in which people show off their beauty for likes are prevalent everywhere, and TikTok has a new song to put on top of your traps (or fan edits for celebrity crushes). 

Right now, Baby Tate’s “Hey, Mickey!” is trending on TikTok as the background sound to these videos. The official song has over 737,000 posts with it as the theme music. 

This fan edit of Brianne Howey (Georgia Miller on Ginny & Georgia), posted by @hefnervevo, is a prime example of how TikTokers use the sound. 

Although Tate’s song dominates the app right now, Gina Meredith (@gina_meredith) broke down the lineage of this viral sound and performed different versions of the song through generations. 


New Trend! Decided To Do A Part 2! Which original is the best? #fyp #funny #ohmickey #trending

♬ Hey, Mickey! – Baby Tate

Baby Tate’s “Hey, Mickey!” samples the opening lines of Toni Basil’s 1982 song “Mickey.” The song debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 in September 1982 and peaked at No. 1

Basil sang, ”Oh Mickey, you’re so fine / You’re so fine, you blow my mind.” Baby Tate took that and turned it into, “Oh, Mickey, you’re so fine! So fine, you blow my mind.” 

Baby Tate’s version came out in 2016, 34 years after Toni Basil’s version and 37 years after Britsh band Racey released “Kitty” — which Basil covered and turned into “Mickey.”

With most songs today containing samples and interpolations of older songs, it wouldn’t be uncommon to have a song linked through three generations. 

For example, Drake’s 2018 hit “Nice For What” samples Lauryn Hill’s 1998 hit “Ex-Factor,” which samples Wu-Tang Clan’s 1993 song “Can It All Be So Simple,” which samples “The Way We Were / Try To Remember” by Gladys Knight & the Pips. 

Meredith’s breakdown of the song was a key reminder that even new trends have a little piece of the past in them. 

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