Woman offers the ‘secret’ to stop eating out as much

Eating out is a big part of many people’s budgets — maybe even too much for some people. If you’re trying to cut back on your eating habits, one TikToker has the secrets to minimizing your food-spending habits. 

Alexis Howard (@financiallybrave) posted a TikTok on Jan. 31 detailing how she avoided ordering takeout for the entire first month of the new year.  

“This is the first month in my entire adult life that I have not spent on any takeout in over 31 days,” Howard said to start her video. “I believe I was able to do this successfully by really honing in on two things.”

She continues to say that people should identify their triggers (“who or what leads you to spend”) and that they should “come up with creative solutions to address these triggers.”

Viewers were quick to share what triggers their spending and eating-out habits. 

“It’s the constant cleaning of the kitchen for me,” said @brieanalisa.

“My problem is I overspend at the grocery store,” commented @mo_tothe.

One big issue Howard identified in herself was that a majority of her social time was spent at lunches, dinners, drinks or other activities that required spending. 

“Because I didn’t have strong boundaries, what would happen is I would go with the flow instead of expressing to them that I wouldn’t be able to do that activity,” she said. 

She solved that problem by having “upfront and honest conversations about [her] 2023 goals.” That seems like a simple enough thing to do, and others in the comments could relate to that issue. 

“Social eating is a huge challenge,” said @jezerellica. “I have pushed back but people didn’t like it.”

To that, Howard replied, “Honor your boundaries. Good friends will support you.”

She also discussed the idea of the “domino effect” and how one purchase can quickly turn into many purchases.

“It wouldn’t be wise for me tomorrow to celebrate my wins by ordering a Chipotle burrito because what will likely happen is, [in] the days to follow, I’ll continue ordering out.”

Howard’s approach to limiting spending and eating out focuses a lot on internal ideals and habits. 

“If you know something is getting in your way, ‘What’s the solution to addressing it?’” she said. “When you find the answer to that question, you have reached the secret to being a disciplined spender.”

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