Woman goes to ‘desperate’ lengths to plan run-in with ex-boyfriend

TikToker Sam Doll (@sam_d0ll) went to extreme lengths to plan a run-in with her ex-boyfriend, including hitching a ride on a stranger’s airplane.


i cannot believe i’ve never told this story and also that i’m currently engaged how??? #fyp #funny #storytime #crazystory

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Sam is a writer, musician and self-proclaimed “dumb dumb” who shares personal and often hilarious stories on TikTok. In a recent video, Sam revealed the most desperate thing she has ever done to try to get back together with an ex-boyfriend. The wild story was full of twists and turns, including an unexpected airplane ride with a pilot she met at a bar.

“What is the most desperate thing you’ve ever done for somebody?” Sam asks her viewers before launching into her own story of desperation.

She begins by recalling how she went on a summer backpacking trip across Alberta, Canada, knowing that her ex-boyfriend was somewhere in Alberta. In order to orchestrate a “spontaneous” meet-up, she texted her ex to ask him his whereabouts. 

Unfortunately for Sam, her ex-boyfriend wasn’t in Alberta at all, but was actually several hundred miles away in Vancouver.

“We’re going to miss each other for the rendezvous he didn’t even know we had planned!” Sam exclaims. 

Dejected, Sam went to a hotel bar, where she happened to meet an airplane pilot. After chatting with the pilot for a bit, Sam decided to hitch a ride with him on his next flight to Vancouver.

“I’m like, ‘God, is that you offering me a free flight to Vancouver?’” Sam recalls asking. 

The next morning, Sam attempted to take a shuttle to the airport to catch her flight with the hotel bar pilot, but the shuttle never arrived. Distraught that she could miss her flight, the shuttle company managed to send her another driver, albeit a supposedly reckless one.

Though she wasted some time waiting for a shuttle that never came, Sam managed to get to the airport with time to spare, thanks to the daredevil driver.

After arriving in Vancouver, Sam headed to an acquaintance’s house, where she called her ex-boyfriend.

“I took a bus, a cab and the skytrain to my friend’s sister’s couch, where I then called my ex-boyfriend,” she recalls as the video ends. “Just to see a man who cheated on me. Can you top that?”

TikTok users shared their own ‘desperation’ stories

Many viewers shared their own stories of romantic desperation. 

“I wrote someone’s final paper for free,” one viewer admitted.

“Been talking to a guy for 4 months. Booked a flight to another country to see him, [but] both my flights got canceled. Drove 3 hours to get to another flight,” another viewer shared. 

“I bought a bike because after we broke up he started biking,” wrote another TikToker. 

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