Woman hatches duckling from grocery store eggs

A woman in the U.K. managed to hatch a duck from a grocery store egg and now plans to raise it as a pet.

28-year-old Adele Phillips has been keeping up with popular TikTok hacks and that’s what inspired her to try to incubate a grocery store egg to see if it would hatch.

Phillips told Newsflare that she bought a dozen free-range duck eggs from a local store and kept them in a cupboard as she waited for the incubator she’d bought to arrive. Once that came, Phillips researched how to tell whether the eggs were fertile.

“I looked online and it said you could check to see if they were fertile or not by shining a torch on them and seeing if you could see veins inside,” Phillips told Wales Online. “I could only see one with veins — which is the one I have now — and got rid of the rest.”

For 30 days, Phillips would turn the single egg three times a day in its incubator to make sure that the temperature remained stable. Despite her dedication, Phillips was completely surprised it worked.

“It really hit me when I saw [it] come out of its shell,” Phillips added. “During the whole process, everyone was looking at me thinking, ‘Are you insane?’”

Phillips said she noticed something “started pecking little holes through the shell” and she panicked. The New York Post reported that she found someone “from a duck page on Facebook” to guide her through the animal’s birth.

After two days, the duckling finally emerged on April 29. Phillips named the duckling Braddock Morris — a combination of its breed, Braddock White, and the Morrisons grocery store where Phillips bought the egg.

Phillips decided to keep Braddock and even got a second duckling named Beryl to keep him company.

“Whenever [Braddock] sees my face he gets really excited and starts chirping really loud,” she told the Post. “He’s so sweet, he cuddles up under my ear in my hair and his eyes close. Every time he looks at me I feel like my heart is going to explode.”

The only downside is Phillips is unsure she can eat eggs ever again.

“I am a bit skeptical now about eating any eggs,” she added. “I will be thinking of mine every time I make scrambled eggs thinking, ‘That could have been my one!’”

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