Woman impulsively places $82,000 bid on home, accidentally wins: ‘I’m going to have to find a second job’

A woman on TikTok let her impulses get the best of her and accidentally bought a house.

Jordyn McCroskey (@jordynisadumbb1***) posted how she was bored, so she decided to bid on a home on the same street as her parent’s house. Her initial bid was $25,000. But when someone placed a higher bid, she felt the need to bid again. 

“Now I have to bid higher,” she said. “Knowing damn well that I have no roommates or any money saved for a down payment.”

She began to get into a bidding war and decided to bid $82,000 on the house. However, after her bid, the other party never placed another.

“I’m gonna have to find a second job now,” she said at the end of her video. 

A day later, she gave a full update and provided details. In The Know reached out for comment but did not receive a response.

“I did in fact win the f******* auction,” she said in the update. 

She acknowledged that it happened because of her impulsiveness but was also happy because she got the “steal of a f****** lifetime.”

She also said she was pre-approved for a loan, although the bank told her that a Federal Housing Agreement (FHA) loan wouldn’t cover the house unless she renovated it for safety purposes.

McCroskey has posted several updates going to the bank and getting more information about how her loan will be affected by the needed repairs.

“I may have to switch to doing the loan through the bank who owns the home,…and that’s not an issue for me at all,” she said. “There’s nothing definite still, but I do have a card to talk to this lady, and she does seem like she’s willing to help.”

With each update, more supportive comments roll in from viewers, happy she could secure a house for the price she did.

“I really hope this works out for you. $82k is a great price right now,” said @thatgirlheat.

“I really, really want this to work out for you! I’m sending lucky girl energy,” replied @thejessijames.

TikTokers following each update have been asking for a house reveal, but Jordyn hasn’t yet posted one. 

Nevertheless, with the number of updates we’ve received and the support she’s received, don’t be surprised to see the mystery house on TikTok soon.

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