Woman infuriated by next door neighbor’s parenting decision: ‘None of her business’

A woman who plays loud music is feuding with her neighbor who has loud children

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A*******” forum for advice. After moving into her new home, the Reddit poster’s neighbor disclosed that they have three noisy kids. The Reddit poster told the neighbor she would play loud music to drown the kids out. When she revealed she listened to pop-punk and metal, the neighbor got upset.

“I moved into a new house that I purchased,” the Reddit poster said. “My new neighbor, two days later, came over to say hello and asked if we had kids. I said no and she pretty much said (not word for word), ‘oh I hope you don’t mind all the noise mine make, they can get very loud.’ I responded to her, oh that’s fine, I’ll probably just drown any screaming out with music anyways.”

The neighbor got more annoyed as the conversation continued. 

“She seemed a bit annoyed and asked what type of music, to which I told her mainly metal or punk-pop,” the Reddit poster explained. “She seemed unimpressed and said that’s not really okay. I told her that if she can’t teach her kids to be respectful of neighbors at appropriate hours, I don’t really see the issue. She huffed off.”

Reddit users thought the neighbor was in the wrong.

“Questioning what kinda music you’d be playing is also really rude and none of her business,” one person said

“She warned you of her noise. You warned her of yours,” another wrote. 

“She’s not the only one allowed to make noise,” someone commented

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