Woman leaves her phone in a public restroom and finds a bunch of selfies from a young girl: ‘She has North West energy and I’m here for it’

A woman on TikTok has garnered a ton of reactions after sharing the unexpected images she found on her phone.

Jaida Bunni (@jaidabunni), a 17-year-old content creator from Minneapolis, made a common mistake: Leaving her phone in a public restroom. Luckily, she returned to find it still there. What she didn’t anticipate, however, were the surprise selfies a young girl left on it.

“So I accidentally left my phone in the bathroom and this is what I found in my camera roll,” she writes.

Jaida then shares three screenshots of selfies taken by an unknown girl. In each photo, she strikes a different pose.

“she’s iconic i hope she’s having a great day”

Jaida’s video received over 2 million views and 558,000 likes in two days. Commenters have been quick to praise the mystery girl for not stealing the phone.

“She has north west energy and I’m here for it,” someone said, referring to Kim Kardashian’s eldest daughter.

“she casually took photos and put the phone back,” a commenter wrote.

“colonizing your gallery,” another joked.

“she’s iconic i hope she’s having a great day,” a different user replied.

If it’s a choice between having your phone stolen or finding a bunch of selfies from a random person, we’d definitely go with the latter.

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