Woman left outraged by date’s ‘dehumanizing’ request

Days after you pay for your date’s meal, is it OK to ask them to split the bill? One man seems to think so.

On Feb. 24, Twitter user @alexx_colboth shared the messages she received from a man she previously dated identified only as “CK.” The messages, as all of Twitter quickly learned, were posted by Alex not to be celebrated, but condemned.

“Hi Alex, hope you’re doing well,” the messages started. Innocent enough! However, CK then asked Alex for her Venmo handle, citing that he wanted to request “equal payment … from the dates we went on.”

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“I believe it was 3 separate times we went out [to] bars/restaurants where I paid for us both each time,” he said. “I’d say $35 is more than fair for your food and drinks that I got you during those dates. I view you as a fair girl. I hope you’ll consider reimbursing me.”

CK’s reimbursement request was met with mixed reactions on Twitter.

Many people came to his defense, noting that he might not have the discretionary funds to throw around.

“Call me crazy but this seems fair to me,” one person argued. “He invested time and money in a relationship and since the relationship was a waste of time, he doesn’t want it to be a waste of money … If i could take back all the money i spent on ppl who left, I would.”

“CK managed to say something uncomfortable, was honest about what he was hoping to accomplish and did it respectfully,” another added. “I think it’s wack y’all poor shaming this dude. Y’all forget how many people outta work, cold and hungry?”

Others, meanwhile, sided with Alex and said that if he wanted to split the bills, he should have asked before he paid.

“Did he set these terms before your first date? Imagine the bill if you’d dated for 2 years! This is really icky,” one person wrote. “It’s like he’s treating you like a commodity he paid for. That’s dehumanizing and gross.”

“This is the tackiest thing ever,” another said.

It doesn’t seem like Alex responded to CK’s Venmo request. On Feb. 26, she jokingly alluded to the fact that she was going to sleep well knowing that she “still [has] that $35.”

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