Woman meets unexpected lookalike while out shopping

Finding your doppelgänger can be a delightful experience. There’s truly nothing like meeting another person who has gone through their life with the same face as you.

What if your lookalike was a bald cap model, though?

That’s the case for TikTok user Haylee Clarke, who was walking through a costume aisle in a store when she noticed a familiar face.

The man on the packaging of one of the products looked exactly like her — from the dramatic eyebrows down to her teeth. She even mimicked his exaggerated expression to show the distinct similarities.

Some commenters thought they looked so similar, the encounter had to be a hoax.

“OK you were definitely the model pictured in that package,” one user wrote.

“The teeth match up and that’s how you know. Although the nose does look slightly different … HOW DO YOU KNOW?” another said.

Clarke reassured viewers in the comments of her post that her chance encounter was completely real and that she is not the bald cap model.

“How scary!” she wrote “What a weird time to be alive.”

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