Woman opens old cellar in her home and is surprised by what she finds: ‘I didn’t see the smurfs coming somehow’

One woman has finally ventured into her home’s old cellar — and we’re not sure if what she found is creative or concerning.

Midge (@mediabymidge) decided to explore the inside of her cellar, which had apparently been locked since they moved in.

“our cellar has been locked since we moved in and you’ll never believe what we found inside,” she writes as a video clip of her entering the recently opened basement plays.

“So y’all never watched the conjuring huh?” a TikToker wrote, referencing the horror film franchise.

“Lots of ppl end up finding out someone lives under their house or in their cellar I woulda called the non emergency number to check it with/for u,” another user urged.

After two days of anticipation, Midge posted a follow-up video unearthing the space’s interior.

“we found an old frat set up in our cellar,” she reveals.


Replying to @amanda_ruby Part 2 – What should we do with it? 👀 #fyp #fypシ #hiddenbasement #secretroom #roomreveal #trending

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The interior, while unfinished, is filled with colorful murals and a standing bar setup. One of the murals, which features what appears to be hand-drawn sea creatures and a submarine, was apparently completed on Dec. 30, 2007. Randomly enough, The Smurfs were also drawn on one of the walls.

“I didn’t see the smurfs coming somehow,” one user wrote, to which Midge responded, “i didn’t see any of this coming.”

“a secret bar someone had from the prohibition era,” another TikToker joked.

“Looks like it used to be a lounge like a bar in the 80s or a kid spot for hangouts in the 80s I can tel,” someone replied.

Truthfully, as far as mystery cellars that have long been locked away go, Midge’s seems fairly innocuous.

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