Woman outraged after ‘disturbing’ encounter with neighbor: ‘Wrong and disgusting’

A woman was disturbed by her neighbor’s poor parenting. 

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A*****” to explain an altercation they had. Every morning the Reddit poster goes swimming at a nearby beach. She later discovered her neighbor’s three boys were using a drone to watch her while she swam. But the neighbor told the Reddit poster to stop swimming at the public beach because it was a distraction for her three sons who were going through puberty. 

“I live near the beach and often go swimming in the morning. 99 percent of the time I’m the only person there and it’s the only ‘me time’ I get during the day,” the Reddit poster explained. “There’s a condo overlooking the beach and a small shop nearby that I usually go to afterward. On some occasions, I would notice a drone hovering in the vicinity while I was swimming or relaxing in the sun. A few days ago I went into the shop and a woman approached me. She told me that she has three sons (aged 11, 12, 13) who often wake up early to watch me swim. She went on to say that I’ve been ‘distracting’ her kids and warned me that they were watching me with the drone.”

The Reddit poster didn’t like that she was blamed for the three boys’ behavior. 

“She just kept saying that they’re going through puberty and that I shouldn’t be surprised,” the Reddit poster said. ‘I told her that her attitude was disturbing and that she should discipline her children instead of warning me about them. She was very offended when I said this and insisted that they’re ‘well behaved.’ She said that I should stop coming to the beach if I feel uncomfortable. I told her they should focus on becoming decent parents instead of telling strangers what to do. She got angry that I criticized their parenting (or lack thereof), told me to show ‘respect.’” 

Reddit users thought the mom was way out of line.

“The grossest part of this is that the mom knows it’s wrong and disgusting,” one user commented.

“This woman thinks it’s normal and okay for her teenage sons to creep on a woman and then has the nerve to tell you it’s your fault,” another said.

“She’s raising predators,” someone wrote.

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