Woman parks in a secluded area to cry in peace but stranger watches her: ‘I legit thought she was committing witchcraft on me’

The need for a good cry every now and then is totally valid, right?

A woman on TikTok has commenters laughing about her encounter with a random woman. Bryanna Moreno (@bryanna_moreno11) had every intention of crying in her car in peace — until a strange woman pulled up next to her.

“Bruh, I’m parked right here and there’s this b**** and I’m legit in the middle of nowhere. I don’t know what she’s doing,” she says. Bryanna pans to a woman in a car next to her. Rather than mind her own business, the woman seems to be staring directly at Bryanna. After a few moments, the woman honks at her.

In a follow-up video, Bryanna is still in the car. The woman drives away but comes back.

“I genuinely don’t know who this girl is,” Bryanna says, before adding that her car windows are tinted so she knows the woman “can only see shadows.”

“I legit thought she was like committing witchcraft on me or like about to commit murder or something.”

In a longer video, Bryanna further details what went down with the nosey woman.


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“So basically, I found something out that really shattered my heart and so I couldn’t legit keep it together anymore,” she explains. “So I was just like, ‘You know what? I’m just gonna come in my car. Scream, you know, let it all out in like the middle of nowhere.”

Initially, Bryanna assumed the woman was just driving through with no intention of sticking around.

“I am assuming she’s like trying to go through the property and just to see what’s going on. I don’t know. But she parks right next to me… And then she does like a U-turn and parks right next to me even closer the next time and just stares and smirks,” she says. “So I legit thought she was like committing witchcraft on me or like about to commit murder or something.”

When Bryanna decided to drive away, the woman followed her “for a little bit” before eventually going away.

“Somebody said you were in her crying spot”

Commenters are as perplexed about Bryanna’s story and the woman’s intentions. Some even urged her to report the incident.

“Girl just because she’s a woman, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t report her,” a user said. “REPORT HER, call the cops, show them the videos.”

“She definitely posted this on a fb group,” another said.

“Somebody said you were in her crying spot,” someone joked.

Is personal space too much to ask for? The woman watching Bryanna seems to think so.

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