Woman pranks boyfriend after he passes bar exam: ‘You’re so lame’

A woman pranked her boyfriend with the “wrong cake” and you can blame Sonic the Hedgehog for that. 

TikToker Kristina and her boyfriend were celebrating a huge success. He just passed the bar exam and was officially on his way to becoming an attorney. In honor of the big win, Kristina surprised her boyfriend with a cake… or two. 


Oops, accidentally put out the wrong cake… *yes I stole this from the Sonic Movie* #SoundcoreGoForGold #OneSliceChallenge

♬ original sound – Kristina

“Oops, accidentally put out the wrong cake,” she wrote in the caption. “Yes, I stole this from the Sonic movie.”  

Kristina presented her beau with a cake box. He opened it up and couldn’t believe what it said. 

“Screw the bar. Who wants to be an attorney anyway?” the cookie cake read

It was clearly the message he would have wanted to see if he hadn’t passed the exam.

“Oh s***!” Kristina exclaimed. She then excused herself to retrieve another cookie cake.

“Congrats, Mr. Attorney! Never doubted you for a second!” the second cookie cake read.

Her boyfriend couldn’t stop laughing; he could hardly catch his breath to lovingly tell her, “You’re so lame!” 

The hilarious video received over 12.8 million views on TikTok.

“They got that two cookie cake money now,” a user joked.

“And this is how you prank someone you love,” another wrote

“The way he called you lame with pure love,” someone added

In a scene from Sonic the Hedgehog, protagonist Tom Wachowski and his wife Maddie Wachowski opened a letter to find out if Tom is accepted into the San Francisco Police Department. Tom found out he made it onto the force so Maddie whipped out a celebratory cake.

But the dessert said, “Forget those morons, San Francisco sucks!”

Maddie told him, “Oops. Wrong one.”

Then she pulled out another cake that read, “Congratulations. I never had a doubt!” 

As they say, “art imitates life imitates art.”

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