Woman pulls hilarious tampon prank on boyfriend

A TikTok user is going viral thanks to the “evil” prank she pulled on her boyfriend at the supermarket.

On June 21, the user — who goes by maddiehen02 on the app — uploaded a video of her now-viral joke to the platform, where it has nearly 3 million likes.

“So my boyfriend knows nothing about tampons, right? So I’m gonna ask him to get me a super tampon and I’m gonna say that it’s lime,” she explains at the beginning of the video.


THE END😂😂😂 @mattscharff

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She then approaches her boyfriend and asks him to grab her a “16-pack of the lime tampons … not the lemon, the lime.”

Though maddiehen02’s boyfriend is justifiably confused — “Why are they flavored?” he can be heard asking — he still walks over to the aisle where the tampons are and looks for the “lime” ones.

“Excuse me — do you know which ones are lime? She said she wants lime tampons,” maddiehen02’s boyfriend asks a fellow customer at one point. The equally confused customer just stares at him.

When maddiehen02 walks over to see if her boyfriend has found the lime tampons she asked for, he presents her with a green box of Tampax Pearls. (Limes are green, so honestly, the logic here checks out.)

To make sure the tampons are actually lime, maddiehen02 then asks her boyfriend to smell them.

“Smell them?!” he responds in disbelief. “It smells like a cardboard box.”

“Why are you smelling tampons? That’s so weird,” maddiehen02 then says while he’s sniffing. Finally, she giggles and walks away while her boyfriend stares at her in utter incredulity.

People love maddiehen02’s prank — and her boyfriend’s willingness to go the extra mile for his girlfriend.

“THIS IS SO EVIL AND SO FUN,” one person said.

“He’s a king he went out of his way to look for them and even asked a random lady to make sure he got the right ones,” another user added.

“THE HUMILIATION … I … GOLDEN,” a third person commented.

Fellas: For future reference, there is no such thing as lime or lemon tampons.

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