Woman questions relationship over boyfriend’s ‘unfair’ financial move: ‘Get out now’

A girlfriend is unsure about the amount of rent her boyfriend is charging her. 

She went on Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum for advice on the matter. The issue isn’t that the boyfriend is charging her rent so much as it is the price. She wonders if he is in fact overcharging her. 

“I’ve been with my boyfriend for 10 years,” she explained. “He recently bought a four-bedroom house and wants me to move in with him. The plan is that the two of us will share the master, another bedroom will be occupied by our friend and the other two bedrooms might be guest rooms or he’ll rent them out. He plans to charge me rent, which is fair because we’re both working adults, so the issue isn’t being charged but more so my amount, $1,000 versus how much our friend will pay, $1,000.” 

She and her boyfriend have never lived together before. The new home would mean she has a longer work commute and will purchase some of the furniture. 

“The issue: our mutual friend who is also moving into the house will be paying the same exact amount for rent for his own room and bathroom,” she said. “Is it fair that I’ll be paying the same exact amount in rent to share a room as our friend who gets his own room and bathroom? Is it worth it for me to bring it up?” 

Reddit users were more suspicious of the boyfriend’s motives than maybe she was.

“Sounds unfair to me. You should either pay more and have more room and some actual ownership over the property or have reduced rent, with your significant other footing the bill for you,” one person commented

“Ten years and he’s treating you like a buddy and hasn’t even asked you to marry him but to be a roommate. Sounds like you should get out now before you waste any more time,” another said

“He sees you as an opportunity to make more money for himself. Think about that,” someone wrote

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