Woman quits job after getting in ‘trouble’ for dressing ‘inappropriately’

A woman claims she was told she dressed inappropriately at work — so she asked TikTok for feedback. 

The user claimed that after working at the same place for at least a year, she got in trouble for clothing she had worn on a regular basis. So she quit. 


Because my shirts are too short 🙄 what do y’all think? #fyp #fypシ

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“I got in trouble for dressing inappropriately at work,” the video text read

She was wearing a long-sleeved floral blouse and a pair of black pants. The only skin that was showing were her hands, next and head. 

“Because my shirts are too short. What do y’all think?” she asked in the caption

The influencer elaborated in the comment section. She said a coworker reported her to HR about the outfit. What confused her was that she had worn both items multiple times. 

“Why wait a whole year to finally tell HR something about the way I dress? Same shirts over and over,” she said, adding that she “quit the next day.” 

People on TikTok showed their support for the worker.

“Too much neck showing,” a person joked

“It’s a woman’s body they think is ‘inappropriate’ not the clothes,” another commented

“Unless you’re supposed to wear a uniform how is what you’re wearing inappropriate,” someone added

“Honestly I don’t see how that’s inappropriate. Maybe your boss didn’t want you looking better than them,” a TikToker replied

“Why? I see nothing wrong,” a user said

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