Woman reaches ‘breaking point’ over co-worker’s ageist comments: ‘[This] is harassment’

A 43-year-old woman is sick of being babied by her older coworker at a law firm. 

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A*******” forum after confronting the coworker about the issue. The woman gets along with all of the other employees except Beth, an older woman who constantly calls her a baby

“When I first started at the firm, the first comment Beth made was that I was ‘still just a baby.’ It immediately rubbed me the wrong way, because I am not a baby, I was at the time a 42-year-old woman,” the woman explained. “Since then she has been making comments like, ‘you’re too young to understand this,’ or ‘this was before your time.’ Each time I correct her and say that is incorrect and that most of the things I do remember because I am in my forties.” 

The comments continued but the Reddit poster became fed up when a new employee the same age as her started at the company. 

“Today I reached my breaking point,” the Reddit poster said. “A new coworker started on Monday and is around my age. She treats her like an exact equal but still treats me like a baby. None of our other coworkers treat me this way and have even mentioned to her that I am not as young as she thinks I am and that it is wrong to talk to me like that. When she introduced the new coworker, she introduced me as ‘the baby of the family.’ After she finished settling in the new coworker, I took her to the side and told her that her comments about my age are inappropriate and they are unwelcome. I told her that if she continued to do this, that I would report her to our department head because it is harassment.” 

Reddit users thought Beth was in the wrong here.

“There is no possible way she doesn’t realize what she’s doing,” a user said

“Good for you for standing up for yourself,” someone added

“Infantilizing somebody is extremely disrespectful, condescending and offensive,” another wrote

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