Woman realizes neighbors can see into her shower in viral video

A woman shared the realization that her neighbors and passersby could probably see her showering in a TikTok that has since racked up almost 18 million views.

Jill Santom (@mama_jill34) wrote in the video that she kept feeling like people could see her showering through the bathroom window. The window, which is frosted, is in the shower, and while it’s on the side of the house, Santom added that it overlooks most of the street.

To test her theory, Santom had her husband pretend to take a shower with the bathroom lights on at night while she stood on the street.

“I felt like people could see me even though it’s frosted glass,” she wrote. “So I asked my husband to pretend he’s showering so I could see.”

Her husband’s outline is clearly visible in the bright bathroom light and, thanks to his theatrics, it was pretty obvious what room it was and what he was doing.


His commitment to “fake showering” is impressive 💀

♬ original sound – jillsantom

“His commitment to ‘fake showering’ is impressive,” she joked.

Commenters loved the video and were horrified at how clearly you could see someone showering through the window.

“They can’t SEE you, but they definitely can SEE you,” someone said.

“I will never understand why there are windows in the shower,” another added.

“This would make me extremely uncomfortable,” a commenter wrote.

The next day, Santom posted a follow-up video showing what the window looked like during the daytime. Santom employed her daughter to pretend to shower this time, and everyone was stunned at how clearly someone on the street could see into the window.

“I didn’t think it was that bad when I originally posted,” she captioned the clip.


Part2: I didn’t think it was that bad when I originally posted. 😳

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

“The window has spoken,” Santom joked in the TikTok. “Nighttime showers are better.”

Santom clarified in the comments that the family had put up a temporary solution to maintaining their privacy prior to filming the videos and that they’d been living in the house for about a year and a half. For now, they’re just having fun. Santom also clarified that her kids do not use this bathroom; her daughter was just used for the daytime experiment.

“Why am I so invested in this window?” one viewer asked.

“Oh no,” another said. “That’s WAY too clear.”

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