Woman recalls being terrorized for years by creepy anonymous letters

A 25-year-old woman is terrifying TikTok users with the story of how she was terrorized by an anonymous stalker for years.

On July 18, Heather Lennon shared a video on the app detailing how she was “stalked ‘Pretty Little Liars’ style for over six years.”

Heather got her first anonymous letter when she was in high school. In that letter, the stalker told Heather that “[her] dead mom would be ashamed of [her]” and included other personal details only people in her life could know.

When Heather told her adopted parents about the letter, she found out that it actually wasn’t the first one. She had received one a few months before, though her adopted parents had hid it from her to protect her.

After reading and opening that letter, Heather filed a police report, but she said the police were “not able to do a single thing or find who did it.”

Eventually, Heather moved 1,500 miles away for college and assumed the letters would stop. On the contrary, Heather said she received “30 more anonymous letters” there, which told her she was being watched.

After college, Heather moved across the country and didn’t give her address out to anyone. To her surprise, she received a letter from her stalker at her job “six years after the first one,” proving that he or she was relentless.

People were absolutely obsessed with Heather’s surreal stalker story.

“Dude. I’m so happy you’re still alive like what that’s insane,” one person said.

“That’s so spooky omg,” another user commented.

“This is insane,” a third person added. “I’m invested in this!”

In some follow-up “story time” videos, Heather explained that whoever wrote the letters was “really smart” and made sure to always change up their handwriting. They also never added a real return address.

What Heather does know is that the letters were sent by someone who lives in the county where she grew up, since the postmark is from that area. Whoever sent all the letters also knew enough about her personal life to find her at college and later at her job across the country.


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Based on all the information she has, Heather said that she believes that her anonymous stalker is her estranged father, whom she has a restraining order against.

“He is the only person who has this much to lose, who would go through all of this,” Heather said. “I seriously think that it was just my dad trying to control my life in some way and alienate my friends.”

To date, Heather said the police haven’t been able to do anything about all the anonymous letters. Thankfully, though, she said she hasn’t received a letter in a while.

“I’m really lucky that I have great friends and family and people really respect my privacy,” she said, “but I still freak out every time I check the mailbox and I’m constantly looking over my shoulder.”

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