Woman recalls the time her family was being watched and recorded by a stranger from outside their window: ‘What in the criminal minds…’

In late February, TikTok personality @gabriellumurie shared the time she and her parents were watching a 9/11 documentary at home — only they weren’t exactly alone.

“Everyone wants to talk about their 9/11 this, their 9/11 that. My 9/11 was on 9/11… The 10-year anniversary of 9/11,” @gabriellumurie explains. She and her parents were watching an emotional documentary about the tragic event and “were bawling their eyes out.”

“We’re really emotional. I’m like really deep in thought, and I’m looking over at the window, and I see someone in the window. But I’m like gaslighting myself thinking it’s a reflection from what we’re watching into the mirror because we have those like thick hurricane glass windows,” she says.

After doing a “double and like triple take,” @gabriellumurie realizes there is, in fact, “a dude with a flip phone in the window.” She tells her dad she thinks there is someone taking pictures of them.

“He got so scared of my dad he jumped out of his flip-flops”

“He walks straight to the window, goes close as hell and says, ‘I’m going to kill you,” she says about her dad. “At this point, me and my mom are screaming. My dad runs straight to the kitchen, grabs the biggest knife and runs out the door.”

According to @gabriellumurie, the man manages to escape but leaves behind a peculiar clothing item: his flip-flops.

“He got so scared of my dad he jumped out of his flip-flops,” she says.

The police come to find that the man in question is actually 40 years old and lives with his grandmother nearby. The man allegedly “has a padlock on his door,” and “his computer is completely coded.”

After decoding the man’s computer, the cops “find a website of an eye through a blind.” Luckily, they didn’t find any photos of @gabriellumurie and her family.

“Bro went on a mission in FLIP FLOPS?!?!”

While the ordeal is certainly terrifying, many commenters can’t help but point at the perpetrator’s odd choice of footwear.

“It’s not funny but like I’m dying,” said one commenter.

“What in the criminal minds…” wrote another.

“Bro went on a mission in FLIP FLOPS?!?!” joked a user.

“[Y]eah you can’t run for your life in flip flops, trust,” replied a different user.

The critique on flip-flops aside, we’re just happy this TikToker and her family are safe.

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