Woman receives ominous text messages from an unknown number: ‘They know where I live’

A woman claims she and her boyfriend (BF) are receiving harassing text messages from an anonymous person.

She went on Reddit’s “Let’s Not Meet” forum to share her spooky experience and titled it, “They know where I live.” The bizarre situation started to unfold when an unknown number texted her to accuse her boyfriend of infidelity.

“We exchange a few texts and basically they’re accusing my BF of cheating on the both of us,” she explained. “Obviously, I was annoyed but bear in mind it was June 2020, bang in the middle of coronavirus lockdown in the UK. We’d spent every day together since March, he denied it all and insisted he didn’t know who this person was.”

Then the same number started texting her boyfriend too. The messages were angry and accused him of being a “lying rat.”

“But this is where it gets weird,” she said. “This person gives no specifics, they won’t tell me their name, what my BF has done, only that he was a liar and that I was an idiot for believing him. I’d ask but they would just reply vague angry texts. They’re grammar and spelling was good, but they’d use slang words from our local area. We assumed maybe it was some kids who found our numbers off Facebook and were having a laugh so tried ignoring it.”

The messages stopped for a while, but then her boyfriend received one asking to meet up at a club. She and a friend went, but the club was closed and no one was there. They, however, felt like they were being watched. The number began texting a few days later, except with more grammar issues and meaner comments. Then the person revealed that they knew where the couple lived.

“They reply with my f****** street name,” she wrote. “They also knew things about us like the fact he was in the army (but I guess you can figure that out from his social media photos). I called them loads but it would just ring twice and cut off. Tried searching the number on WhatsApp and on few social media sites, nothing. Only on Instagram, the number would come up with a location of a film company in Raalte, Netherlands. When I’d google the number its provider is Tismi, I’ve never heard of it but looks like it might just be a fake number. They’ve never asked for any money or anything like that either.”

The woman still hasn’t gotten to the bottom of things and the texts haven’t stopped coming.

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