Woman goes viral after she learns how to recreate trending TikTok sounds in sign language

A woman has gone viral several times after starting a video series sharing popular TikTok sounds in American Sign Language. 

“I saw ONE video on ASL and did it,” Zay Tashon (@zaytashon) told In The Know. “It’s interesting learning through TikTok sounds and trending songs we all know and love.”

Tashon has made over 45 sign language videos, with sounds ranging from Mariah Carey’s “It’s a Wrap” to the newly viral “Parade inside my city” sound — which she said is her favorite sound. 


At work with it … we finna re do it once they learn … and if they can’t get it together ima ask some random kids

♬ original sound – J12

While Tashon immerses herself in sign language, she’s been clear that she’s still learning and others should not look to her as a teacher. Her transparency shines throughout this series, as she acknowledges when she signs the wrong word.

“PLS DO NOT LEARN FROM ME … I’m learning yall … I’m just showing y’all my cool new skills,” she commented under one of her videos.

Even with that disclaimer, her followers clamor for her videos.

“My followers keep tagging me in people’s ASL videos to learn,” she said. “ I’m basically trying to learn from anyone Deaf/HOH (hard of hearing) or a CODA (child of a deaf adult).”  

Tashon’s followers and commenters don’t just give her ideas for what to learn, but they also help her improve. 

“[Separate] your fingers for parade, go go go,” said @nazanne under the video above.

During her brief stint learning sign language, she has nevertheless experienced backlash.


Y r y’all even asking me this as if it’s a problem.. it’s another language and it’s cool .. @capri_creationss thanks again 🙌🏾🙌🏾 CREDS TO THIS QUEEN FOR THE HELP

♬ original sound – 𝓜𝓲𝓪𝓪_❤️🚛

“Why are [you] learning ASL if you’re not even Deaf?“ Tashon wrote in one of her videos explaining what people have asked her. 

“Y r y’all even asking me this as if it’s a problem,” she responded in her caption. “It’s another language and it’s cool.”

Although some people question why she makes these videos, several commenters show their support.

“Zay u finna make me learn how to sign,” said @onnathecreator

As long as people continue to tag Tashon in videos, don’t be shocked to see her perform your favorite sounds when scrolling through TikTok.

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