Woman reminisces on playing Justin Bieber’s ‘love interest’ in his first music video: ‘He had a crush’

Picture this: It’s 2009, and you’re watching Justin Bieber’s music video for his debut single “One Time.” The Canadian YouTube sensation has you feeling a type of way — for some inexplicable reason. You spot his designated love interest in the video and think to yourself, “Man, I wish that was me.”

Now, 14 years later, Justin’s music video love interest has publicly identified herself, and TikTok can’t handle it.

Kristen McDow (@kristennleanne) first posted a cheeky video on TikTok casually admitting to being “the girl from Justin Bieber’s music video.” Of course, many Beliebers — that is, Justin Bieber fans — needed to know more. Thankfully, Kristen delivered.

In a follow-up video, Kristen explains how she got cast in Justin Bieber’s “One Time” video.


Replying to @what’s going on here’s how i got the role of playing a love interest in a Justin Bieber music video. #justinbieber #onetime #selenahailey

♬ original sound – Kristen McDow

“First off, I just wanna say I’m sure things have changed since then. This was back in ’09, I believe, so it’s been a minute,” she starts off. “Back then, I used to be in the entertainment industry, so like acting, singing, dancing, that sort of thing.”

“Justin stopped production and would not continue filming until I got there.”

A casting director who remembered her from a previous audition recommended Kristen for the job.

“From what I understand, Justin got to look at all of the headshots of the girls, and he picked mine,” she claims. “And that’s actually a really funny story because then the director went with somebody else, and Justin stopped production and would not continue filming until I got there.”

Kristen posted another video further detailing what it was like to work with Bieber himself.


Replying to @Theresa Nardi what it was like working justin bieber 😊 #justinbieber #onetime #selenahailey #musicvideo

♬ original sound – Kristen McDow

“It was really fun. Justin was 15, just like a regular kid at the time,” she says. “Because he was, at this point, just a YouTube sensation. ‘One Time’ was his first single, so he wasn’t really who he was today. I just remember him like skateboarding and kind of just being a prankster.”

“…telling me like, ‘Oh yeah, he’s so smitten with you, like he thinks you’re so cute.’

Referencing her previous video, Kristen recalls how Justin stopped production until she arrived.

“The manager, like Scooter and Ryan and everybody, was telling me like, ‘Oh yeah, he’s so smitten with you, like he thinks you’re so cute. He really likes you. He stopped production. Like he’s got his swagger on like now that you’re here.’ So that’s all I know when I showed up, which is really funny.”

Kristen reflects on the experience, noting that it “was a good time.”

“At that time, we were so young, and we hung out a few times. We never dated. But it was a good time. He is a great guy. I mean, I don’t know him today. I know Pattie, who I love, and I think she’s amazing, and I hear good things about Justin,” she says, referencing Bieber’s mom Pattie Mallette.

“I would talk about Justin choosing me every single day”

Naturally, TikTokers took to the comments to voice their envy. Some even recognized Kristen immediately as “the girl from the ‘One Time’ music video.”

“The way I recognized you immediately,” one user wrote.

“Hailey is about to copy you,” a commenter joked, referencing Bieber’s wife Hailey Bieber.

“I would talk about Justin choosing me every single day,” someone replied.

“He had a crush,” another said.

Kristen’s storytime videos remind us that Bieber wasn’t always the mega pop star he is today — there was a time when he was a relatively normal teenager. Unlike the rest of us, however, Kristen can tick “Justin Bieber stopped production for me” off her bucket list.

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