Woman reports Doordash driver after series of disrespectful messages and no food delivery: ‘I woulda drove to McDonald’s and confronted her’

A woman on TikTok claimed to have had a terrible experience with her Doordash order, all because she didn’t tip the driver twice. 

Hannah (@hannerjean) posted a video detailing how she ordered McDonald’s through DoorDash. She said that the driver gave her an update on the order status and then told Hannah that tips were appreciated, as the brakes on her car were making a lot of noise. 

While @hannerjean thought that message was strange, she replied and told the dasher she would send an additional tip after the food was delivered, which then sent the experience into a spiral. 

Despite Hannah explaining that she would add more money to the tip, the dasher allegedly became upset. 

“Honestly I’m about to drop your order and let somebody else take it since you feel like I don’t deserve the tip,” the driver allegedly said through text. “I know this game and I’m in a mood tonight that I’m not playing.” 

After seeing the full text thread, people in the comments were completely on @hannerjean’s side. 

The texts from the driver allegedly began to rise in aggression after that. 

“I’m out here hustling trying to make my money because I made it to 44 with no kids f*** y** and b****,” the driver said. “We have Facebook groups with address is listed now yours is on it. Have a great night no tipper.” 

Although the DoorDash driver claimed she would post her address, there were people ready to fact check that statement. 

“BTW I’m in the Doordash groups, they don’t allow address or name posting. Lol,” said @sassynachnicolee.

Once things escalated, @hannerjean asked to cancel her order and receive her money back, resulting in her not getting her food for the night. 

“I woulda drove to McDonald’s and confronted her,” @christybellefueille commented.

Doordash was made aware of the interaction and responded directly to the video.


Replying to @doordash i guess rhis is a small update?

♬ original sound – Hannah

“This interaction is absolutely unacceptable and we want to investigate this further,” Doordash said under the video. Doordash asked for proof of the messages and said that the matter was with the legal team, however, Hannah said she hadn’t heard anything back from the company in a separate video

While there were assumptions about race both in the texts shown in the video and in the comments, the driver’s race is unidentified.

She hasn’t posted an update to the saga, so it’s still unclear if the alleged issue was resolved. 

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