Woman saves child from being scammed at gas station: ‘Stop sending your kids to the corner store if they don’t know how to count’

A woman on TikTok pleaded to other parents to teach their kids how to count after she had to save a little girl from being scammed at the gas station. 


stop leaving your kids Unsupervised especially if you’re not teaching them anything🤦🏽‍♀️ prprotectthechildrenscscammersnunsupervisedo#foryou

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“Imma make this short, sweet and simple,” said @modestlymarleena. “Stop sending your kids to the corner store if they don’t know how to count because I just saved this little girl from getting scammed out of her little $10.”

She explained how a little girl in the store grabbed several cheap candies at the register that would normally be worth a few quarters. However, the cashier charged her 10 dollars for what appeared to be five pieces of candy. 

Seeing this, @modestlymarleena decided to step up and help the young girl. 

“I said, ‘Sweetie, call your mother because he’s trying to take money from you,'” she said in her video. 

After she told the girl to call her mother, she gave her a little more advice on what to do when she goes to the store — telling her to always get a receipt.

To prove her point to the child, she turned her attention to the cashier.

“I told that man to ring up these same pieces of candy for me, just so I [could] see how much it really came out to,” she said. “It all came out to, like, three bucks and some change.”

Once that happened, she showed the girl her receipt and how much the man had taken from her. 

People in the comments were happy the girl was helped, but they also weren’t surprised, as several people have experienced this firsthand. 

“I had to do this! my husband let my 11 yr old fo into 711 with my card, she bought 2 bags of chips and 2 candies they charged her $39. I went off,” replied @brittanyatwoodanderson.

The story had a happy ending, but some TikTokers wanted to double down on @modestlymarleena’s point.

“I’m so glad you were there but yes these kids do need to learn how to count,” said @angelchristina13.

As the video ended, @modestlymarleena said that the girl’s mother was in the gas station going off on the cashier. 

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