Woman shames man for bringing one pizza to potluck, and TikTok has thoughts: ‘I don’t think you quite understand how potlucks work’

A woman on TikTok had some interesting opinions on potluck etiquette, and TikTok let her know that she had the wrong idea. 

Katie K (@Katiekcomedy) made a video regarding a potluck she recently attended, specifically a fellow attendee’s choice to bring a single pizza.


And if you bring one drink for youself and no one else, you’re ded 2 me. #rude #manners

♬ original sound – KatieKComedy

“I didn’t think as a person in my 30s, that I would need to say this to other people in their 30s, but here we are,” she started. 

She went on to explain how someone brought one pizza for the entire group to share at a potluck, which she disagreed with.

“That’s not how a potluck works,” she said multiple times. She felt the need to provide more food on behalf of that person. “I had to order four more pizzas so that everyone at the potluck could eat pizza.”

Although she felt that there was a problem with the person’s potluck strategy, not everyone else did. 

“I don’t think you quite understand how potlucks work,” replied @hollyfleming165.

“The whole point in a potluck is everyone brings a little thing and it turns into a bunch of things. You’re wrong,” said @unfiltered_me7.

Nevertheless, she had a response to people arguing with her.

“If you’re the person thinking to yourself, ‘There’s no problem with that,’ then you are the problem and everyone at the potluck doesn’t like you,” @Katiekcomedy said. 

She further clarified her point in a separate video, responding to the opposition. 


Replying to @gishyfishy1007 before y’all keep coming for my head on this potluck etiquette 😅

♬ original sound – KatieKComedy

“I don’t think that you should bring something for 30 people,” she said. “I’m saying maybe more than one pizza that one person, maybe two, can eat off of.”

Still, the comment section was not buying her explanation and still sided with the person who brought the single pizza.

“The pizza guy was the only one who understood the assignment lol,” said @charaallandis.

Unfortunately for her, @Katiekcomedy could not sway the minds of her viewers, and her opinion on how to attend a potluck remained unpopular.

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