Woman shares ‘brilliant’ hack for homemade chicken fried rice

If you’re a fan of Popeyes and you’re a fan of fried rice, then you need to try this Popeyes fried rice recipe courtesy of TikTok user kenapeay.

The good news: The recipe is super simple. It’s so simple, in fact, that Kena — an avid hiker — is able to make it outside using a tiny camping stove!

In order to make Kena’s fried rice, you’ll need a chicken leg and chicken thigh from Popeyes, three eggs, some day-old rice, chicken powder, light soy sauce and some scallions.

Once you have your chicken from Popeyes, shred it up and pan fry it until it’s heated through. Then, move the chicken to a bowl and scramble your eggs. Once the eggs are scrambled, add the rice, 1 tsp. chicken powder, a sprinkle of white pepper and 1 tsp. light soy sauce to the pan and combine.

Now that your rice is ready to go, add your chicken back into the pan, stir it into the rice and top it all off with some fresh scallions.

Popeyes fans can’t wait to try Kena’s mouthwatering recipe — and those who already have are obsessed with how delicious it is.

“That is a brilliant idea.. I made this last week… guess I need it this week too,” one person said.

“I did this love this,” another user commented.

“Girlll omg I want to make this,” a third person said.

Bon appetit!

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