Mom issues somber warning after terrifying encounter with strangers at Goodwill: ‘I was hyperventilating’

A woman opened up about a terrifying experience she had while shopping at Goodwill.

Twitter user alyssangelica__, who is a mom of one, took to Twitter to share her frightening ordeal — and how she escaped unscathed.

‘I reacted quickly’

Alyssangelica__ said she was shopping at the secondhand store alone when two men began following her and trapped her in an aisle. She grabbed a bat.

“They nodded at each other to take me since i’m alone i’m assuming,” she wrote. “I reacted quickly and called my brother and asked him what aisle he’s in … thank god he knew to play along.”

She said that one of the men following her heard the conversation and ran, but the other stayed and tried to follow her out.

‘You don’t know what to do’

Alyssangelica__ said she then approached a security guard and asked him to physically walk her to her car. He did — but not before she saw the other man run across the street, presumably to hide from both her brother and the security guard.

“I feel like since I’m so aware of the things and problem around me I was able to escape that situation,” she wrote. “I have had a HUGE fear of ever getting kidnapped … when it actually happens to you you don’t know what to do.”

She said that her family is proud of how she handled the situation.

“I was hyperventilating,” she wrote in a reply.

Alyssangelica__ reported the incident to the store’s manager, who she said made it seem like it was something that “always happens.”

“I’m like ??????” she wrote.

‘You listened to your gut’

Twitter users thanked her for sharing her story and even shared some of their own.

“Omg so so so glad you’re okay!!” one wrote. “It’s seems like terrible men are up to no good at Goodwill trying to take advantage of girls while shopping.”

“I’m so glad you listened to your gut,” another said. “I think a lot more women would be safe if they didn’t second guess their gut. God bless you.”

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