Woman shocked by discovery after months away from her apartment: ‘Absolutely not OK’

 A woman was horrified to find a stranger in her room when she returned to her apartment after being away. 

Apparently, her roommate allowed the strange man to stay in her room while she was gone. The woman consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A*****” (AITA) forum for advice. 

“I was subletting a private room in a shared house with roommates for $1200/month,” she explained. “I was rarely there as I was staying with my boyfriend and COVID had begun to spread. One day I went to go pick things up and discovered a roommate had let their male friend stay in my room — it was filthy and he (a stranger to me) had been sleeping in my bed and he had clearly been staying there for a while.”

Then a roommate filled her in on what had happened. 

“The roommate let me know the friend/stranger had been staying for two weeks and that they tried to reach me via a group text app to ask if the person could stay in my room, but I had not seen the message and when I did not reply, roommate went ahead and let their friend stay in my room because they assumed I wouldn’t come by. AITA for expecting them to pay me for two weeks ($600) for staying in the room?” the woman asked

Reddit thought the woman’s space was violated.

“That is absolutely not OK without your explicit permission,” one user wrote.

“He owes you rent and especially shouldn’t have been occupying your room without permission,” another said

“Your roommate does not respect you,” someone added

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