Woman skips younger sister’s graduation after discovering her ‘selfish’ secret behavior: ‘I broke down crying’

A woman can’t believe her stepsister borrowed her $10,000 bracelet without getting permission first.

She explained the incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. She was visiting her dad to attend her stepsister Annie’s high school graduation. When she left a Cartier bracelet her mother had given her in the bathroom, Annie took it like it was no big deal.

“When I visit, Annie and I share a bathroom and I leave my jewelry box on the bathroom counter,” she explained. “One of my favorite pieces is a Cartier love bracelet that my mom gifted me and I am very careful with it. After dinner, Annie spent about an hour in the bathroom getting ready for a party. The next morning when I was getting ready for her graduation, [I] went to put on my bracelet and found that it was missing. I texted Annie asking if she’d seen it. She didn’t respond even though she was posting on her social media. I asked my dad and stepmom and both of them said they hadn’t seen it. At this point, I started doubting my own memory and broke down crying.” 

When Annie came back, the Reddit poster confronted her stepsister about the bracelet again. 

“I asked her again if she’d seen it,” the Reddit poster said. “She pretended to think about it for a second and then said, ‘Oh yeah, sorry I borrowed it last night for the party…it’s in my bag.’ I couldn’t believe that she’d just taken my $10,000 bracelet without my permission knowing it was a special gift from my mom. I blew up at her and asked how she could just take my bracelet without asking and then called her a thief. She got really angry and said that she didn’t think I’d be ‘such a b**** about it’ and then proceeded to fish the bracelet out of her purse and HURL it straight at my face. I managed to duck away and the bracelet crashed into the floor. Needless to say, I was pissed. I broke down crying after realizing the bracelet had a bunch of new scratches on it whether from her throwing it or last night.” 

Reddit users agree the stepsister was totally in the wrong

“Your stepsister is a selfish thief,” a user commented.

“The only one who needs to apologize is your stepsister,’ another wrote

“She stole and damaged your property,” someone said

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