Woman slams sister over ‘terrible’ birthday present gone wrong: ‘[She] sounds like a sociopath’

A woman doesn’t know how to reject her sister’s birthday dinner. 

She explained what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A*****” forum. Her sister promised to make her lasagne for her last birthday. But at the very last minute, the sister changed the ingredients to one’s the Reddit poster despised and then charged money for it. 

“My birthday is close and just like last year, my sister asked what I want for dinner,” the Reddit poster said. “I have avoided answering so far but the date is too close now so she’s pressing even more lately and I’m running out of excuses. The reason I don’t want anything is because I’m still kinda hurt by what happened last year: I told her it would be nice to have lasagne for my birthday. my birthday came and my sister is in the kitchen and as I look at the ingredients I notice that with exception of cheese and pasta sheets, none of the ingredients matched any lasagne recipe I knew.” 

The Reddit poster asked her sister what the deal with the ingredients was and became horrified. 

“I knew, I asked her if she decided to do something else, and I was left speechless by what she said: Oh, I found an alternate recipe online for a ham and potato lasagne it’s cheaper and you know I hate minced beef. Now, maybe you think I’m overreacting with the speechless part, but here’s the thing: I hate ham. I ate the lasagne anyway while my sister loudly complained how I was putting aside all the ham pieces. The next day there was apparently more insult to the injury: she told that she still had not received my part of the money that went into making the lasagne. At that point, I swear I felt a hollow in my belly, not even anger, just hollow. I don’t think I even complained or made comments I just pulled my wallet and gave her what she was asking,” the Reddit poster explained.

Reddit users sympathized with the poster’s situation. 

“Your sister sounds terrible and I think you should be honest with her,” a user wrote

“She made you eat something she knows you hate on your birthday and you had to pay for it,” another said

“Your sister sounds like a sociopath!” someone commented

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