Woman somehow flips her friend’s entire room upside down in elaborate prank

Jim from “The Office” better watch his throne — there’s a new prank master in town.

She goes by sunsfreak93 on TikTok, and instead of simply putting a stapler in jello or putting wrapping paper around a bunch of office supplies, she flipped her roommate’s entire room upside down.

Thankfully, she shared the masterpiece along with her roommates reaction with her followers.


For all of those who doubted I actually did this prank… here’s the reaction! #fyp #foryourpage #prank #viral

♬ original sound – sunsfreak93

Literally everything is upside down — picture frames, dressers, her clothing. The bed is hanging from the ceiling (perfectly made!) and the ceiling fan (which is fully operational) is on the floor.

When sunsfreak93’s roommate first sees the prank, she drops all the items she was carrying on the ground and takes her shoes off before entering the updated room.

“What … what the heck,” she says while walking around, touching things. “How did you do this?”

Thankfully, the roommate seems more impressed than angry. Commenters were impressed, too.

“I literally do not understand how the ceiling fan light is on and its on the floor and the whole bed is upside down like i can’t comprehend this,” one user wrote.

“Don’t be shy, tell us how you did it,” another said.

Others were quick to make jokes.

“Just turn off gravity and it’s back to normal,” one said.

“aww lucky! I hope to visit Australia one day too!” another wrote.

In the comments of another video in which she showed off just how detailed the prank was, sunsfreak93 said it took 7 to 8 hours to flip everything around.

She revealed that she used nails to keep most things in place and rewired the ceiling fan so it would work on the floor.

She also said that this was part of a “prank war” with her roommate. We don’t know what the other pranks in the series have been, but we’re pretty sure we know who’s winning.

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