Woman spots ‘creepy’ figure after rewatching her own Snapchat video

A woman is sparking plenty of theories after sharing the “creepy” figure she discovered in one of her social media videos.

The footage, shared by a user named malakaijamess, was originally posted in Reddit’s r/Ghosts forum. In the post, the user explains that their younger sister recorded the video in her bed while trying to take a Snapchat of what she believed to be her crying cat.

After further review, it seemed as though there was something else going on in the Snapchat. The Redditor and their sister later noticed a strange, dark figure that pops up at the edge of the bed.

The eerie figure is visible for all of three seconds (right at the end of the clip), but it still managed to send chills down the spines of several commenters.

“I didn’t notice the head popping up at the end of the video the first time I watched this, what the hell is that??” one user asked.

“That gave me the chills, I was too distracted by the cats meowing to even notice it the first time watching it,” another added.

Other users, meanwhile, proposed several ideas as to what the shadowy “head” could have really been. Many guessed it was a child or an animal, or possibly a shadow from the cat passing by the bed.

In subsequent comments, however, the Redditor explained that her sister has no children and that both her cat and dog are white. Adding to the creep factor, the user also revealed that her sister previously had another cat, which had recently died.

It’s likely there was still a simple explanation though, and many commenters continued to share their thoughts in the comments section.

“I have a suspicion it’s the cat’s tail coming into view,” another user theorized. “Even if it is white the dimly lit room casting shadows, like the door, would account for the cat’s tail not showing up white.”

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