Woman stirs controversy after convincing her boss to fire someone: ‘I hate this woman’

A 24-year-old woman was promoted at her fiancé’s company and promptly got a coworker fired. 

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum after other employees gave her the cold shoulder. The woman believes that she was justified in getting a 44-year-old woman, who came to work 10 minutes late on multiple occasions, fired. However, no one else at her job seemed to agree.

“I was recently promoted to the newly created position of chief of staff at my fiancé’s company,” she wrote. “Among the associates, there has been a culture of covering for each other so nobody gets in trouble with the bosses. For example, if somebody is running late for work others will make sure they can get caught up when they come in and that person is expected to reciprocate the favor when the reverse happens.” 

The user explained, that after her promotion, the associates no longer wanted to hang out with her. They even commented on how she had fewer work hours and longer lunches than them. When Melanie, a 44-year-old single mother and an associate at work who “iced” her out, started to come to work late, the user ratted her out to her fiancé. 

“Upon talking to my fiancé, he confided in me that one of his other managers have written her up two times for being slightly under 10 minutes late and the explanation always had something to do with her co-parenting issues,” the woman wrote. “The other day, I caught Melanie red-handed coming into work over five minutes late. One of the other associates tried to tell me that Melanie had finished her part of the work and that none of them had even started their day yet. They begged me not to tell on her for something that small. After considering what everybody said, I still decided to tell my fiancé.” 

Melanie was promptly fired but now the woman’s coworkers are furious. 

“I have no comment other than I hate this woman,” one person commented

“There is so much wrong with this,” another said

“The more of this I read the angrier I get,” someone wrote

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