Woman stirs controversy after family discovers her ‘horrible’ personal diary: ‘It got a little nuts’

A 25-year-old woman is arguing with her family over her childhood diary. 

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to get a verdict on a recent incident. It all started when her father, stepmother and stepsiblings came to stay at her house while repairs were done at their home. 

“During the time they were with me my stepsister (22 years old) was there to see them,” the user wrote. “She decided to snoop in my home. My dad and stepmom let her. She found an old diary I had and read it. She got upset by the contents of it, mostly because I wrote about how I hated having her in my life when my dad first married her mom and saying she was annoying and bratty and I wished she could live with her dad out of state. All of this was written in a diary when I was 10.” 

The stepsister confronted the Reddit user in anger. 

“I asked her who gave her permission to look through my stuff. My dad told me to calm down,” the 25-year-old said. “I told him they should have stopped her. My stepmom went nuts saying it was horrible that I ever wished her daughter was sent away. It got a little nuts between us all. My stepsister demanded an apology for the stuff she read. I told her I was the person owed an apology because she went into my private space uninvited and snooped through my stuff. She told me it didn’t matter because she uncovered something that deserved to be uncovered. I told her it was that kind of attitude I didn’t like about her back then. This set the three of them off at me and I ended up telling the three of them to leave.”

The user believes she is owed an apology, not her stepsister. 

“It’s very immature to flip out over something that happened 15 years ago, even more so given that you were a child,” someone said

“They violated your privacy. You’re the victim here,” another wrote

“Reading someone else’s diary is a gross violation,” one user commented.  

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