Woman stirs controversy after ‘ruining’ boyfriend’s marriage proposal plan: ‘How were you supposed to know?’

A woman feels like she ruined her boyfriend’s marriage proposal.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum if she made a mistake. When she and her boyfriend took a weekend trip for their anniversary, she thought he would propose the first day. Then on the second day, she got sick and cut the trip short. Now she’s wondering if she stopped him from popping the question. 

“My boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary recently by having a weekend trip to our favorite mountain town,” she explained. “On Saturday we hiked, kayaked, went to a winery, and then had a beautiful dinner overlooking the mountains. I thought he was going to propose all day, but he didn’t (that didn’t change how the day was). Sunday, we get brunch and I told him I am starting to get a headache so we should head home. He asks if we could please try this hike we both love. I told him that honestly I just want to go home. Instead of going straight home, he makes a few stops at sentimental places for us. By our third stop, I look at him and ask if he is doing this for me or for him because if it is for him I will be supportive but if it is for me, I feel like crap and just want to go home. He gets all quiet and weird and turns the car around.”

But after they got home she found evidence that he was going to propose.

“[A week later] I was looking for a thermometer and found a ring box in a drawer,” she said. “I opened it and saw the most beautiful ring. I am an honest person with no poker face so I asked my mom, sister, and best friend if I should tell him and they all said no and basically YTA to me for ruining this for him. I think if anything, I am the AH for telling people I found the ring but not him. Help!”

Reddit posters didn’t think she did anything wrong. 

“Nah, how were you supposed to know?” someone commented

“It was just unfortunate timing,” another wrote

“There was no way for you to know about him proposing,” a user wrote

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