Woman stirs controversy after telling her girlfriend she doesn’t have a ‘real job’: ‘You don’t respect her’

A woman’s girlfriend (GF) left her after a Reddit thread about their relationship blew up

The woman went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum after she told her colleagues that her girlfriend Stacie doesn’t have a “real job.” Stacie does however work a full-time job that pays $60,000 annually. When social media users called the woman out, things got ugly.  

“I work at one of the Big Four accounting firms earning $89,000 per year,” the woman explained. ” I have worked long hours and put my all into this position. [Stacie is at a] construction company but has kind of worked her way up and earns $60,000 annually. […] We went out with my colleagues about a month ago and just had drinks. One of them asked what my GF does for a living. I had drunk a bit much and instantly felt mad and embarrassed as she explained it to him. I said without thinking, ‘she doesn’t have a real job.’ My GF laughed it off and said, ‘yeah, I get paid to take naps all day”. Her response made everyone at the table uneasy.”

The awkward dinner however led to a fight about larger issues in the couple’s relationship. 

“I asked today if we even share the same goals anymore. She says she is not sure and that I was really an a****** when we were out with my colleagues. She says I do not respect her. I told her that is not true. I just know she is smart and capable of more than a dusty 40-hour per week job,” the user wrote.

After the thread went viral on social media, Stacie broke up with the user.

“Stacie is leaving me. She refuses to listen to me and is heading somewhere else for the night. She is revving up her stupid car as we speak,” the woman said in an update. “I have wasted five years of my life on someone who is not right for me. Internet, you win.”

Reddit users believed the woman did not respect her girlfriend. 

“You don’t respect her,” someone wrote

“You disrespected her in front of your friends,” another said

“You’re so classist you blew up your own relationship. Yikes,” a user commented.

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