Woman stirs controversy with message to her ‘creepy’ next-door neighbor: ‘Your move’

A woman’s bizarre feud with a neighbor has her wondering if she’s being a jerk. 

The woman took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to get the verdict on the issue. The problem began when the woman’s neighbor started taping stray dog hairs to her door. It appeared to be an unsettling way to tell her to clean up after her dog but there were quite a few unintended consequences. 

“My husband and I noticed that someone has been taping small pieces of our dog’s hair, that must have fallen off in the hallway, to our door,” the woman wrote. “We have lived in this building for over two years and this has never been a problem. We just welcomed a newborn last month and every time this person comes to tape s*** to my door my dogs go crazy and wake the baby up. We try to do our best to pick big clumps up, but no matter how much I brush my dogs there’s bound to be hair that flies off. This is a pet-friendly building after all.”

Fed up after several incidents, the woman decided to retaliate a little bit. 

“I have no idea who is doing this but I wish they would stop because it’s disrupting and now we’re both awake dealing with a colicky crying baby,” she said. “In my rage, I have brushed my dogs, collected some fur, cut up little pieces of tape and taped the hair all over my door with a sign reading ‘your move.’”

The woman notified the landlord who believes it’s a neighbor from across the hall that doesn’t have a good reputation with tenants. 

“Whoever is doing this is not only touching my door, pissing my dogs off but also screwing with my baby’s sleep,” she said. “If it’s such a problem come talk to me like an adult. Or ask maintenance why they vacuum only once every two weeks.” 

Reddit users definitely did not approve of the neighbor’s odd method of communication. 

“That’s honestly kind of creepy and I’d be reporting them up and down,” one person wrote

“What a weird reaction to pet hair, your response was great though,” another said

“Your response is very funny. Whoever is taping dog hair to your door is strange,” a user commented

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