Woman stunned by stranger who interrupted her photoshoot: ‘My jaw dropped’

When Vallesky Torrico was doing an impromptu photoshoot in New York City in May, her insecurities were at the forefront of her mind.

The weather was warm and Torrico was taking photos on the rooftop of a Manhattan hotel. Even though it was 90 degrees out, she didn’t want to take her jacket off — in her head, at that moment, her arms weren’t worthy of being photographed. But then a stranger intervened.

“I am very insecure about my upper arms,” Torrico said in the TikTok. “I think they’re big and I don’t like them. I was taking photos and this beautiful, goddess of a woman comes up to me. She’s like, ‘take off your jacket.'” 


Confidence makes a difference! Everyone has insecurities, but I’m glad she helped me embrace mine #fyp #loveyourself #foryou #girlssupportinggirls

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The woman told her, “I know you’re not letting an insecurity take away an amazing photo opportunity.” 

Torrico shared footage of what happened next. It was breathtaking. The woman encouraged Torrico to remove her jacket. Then she showed her how to pose. Torrico instantly blossomed, her once sheepish body language became radiant, powerful and fierce. In the final photo without the jacket, she was sitting atop a pink staircase, surrounded by flowers, arms bare, legs extended, looking totally carefree. 

“She changed my life. This woman whoever you are: I love you,” Torrico said. 

TikTok users were moved by Torrico’s run-in with the benevolent woman. The video received over 1.8 million views. 

“Queen energy, I’m here for it,” one person wrote

“My jaw dropped. The confidence through the roof,” another said

“I didn’t wear my jacket for the rest of the day,” Torrico replied in the comments.

“A queen supporting a queen,” a user commented

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