Woman stuns TikTok after complete makeover by sister: ‘She looks so young’

A 19-year-old TikToker gave her big sister a full makeover and the results are drastic. 

Mia Frankel decided to primp her 34-year-old sister who hadn’t taken much interest in her personal style over the years. Frankel gave her sibling new hair, makeup and an outfit — by the end of the transformation she said her sister looked “34 going on 21!”  

“She doesn’t do much. She doesn’t put makeup on. She doesn’t do her hair,” Frankel said of her sister. 


34 goin on 21!!! gave her a full makeover🥰 brad how did i do @bradmondonyc

♬ original sound – Mia Frankel

But the 34-year-old’s most notable feature was her ultra-long, brown hair. 

“She hasn’t chopped more than an inch in the past 34 years,” Frankel explained. “She’s been asking me to do her hair for I don’t even know how long and I was like, you know what, since its taken me that long why don’t we just give you a complete makeover.” 

To pull off the transformation, Frankel hid the mirror from her sister. She trimmed, styled and dyed her hair to bring out its natural auburn hue. Frankel gave her some simple modern makeup and styled her in hip-hugging blue jeans and a white T-shirt. The small tweaks weren’t flashy, Frankel’s sister still looked like herself but glamorous. 

Then she took the mirror out for the big reveal.

She was like, ‘This doesn’t even look like me.'” Frankel said. “And she walked in the mirror and instantly you saw the glow in her face. She was feeling herself.” 

The video received over 18.5 million views. TikTok 

“Why am I crying? This is so nice,” one person commented.

“She looks so young,” another wrote

“Yes, come on out confidence. I love it,” someone added

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