Woman taken aback by boyfriend’s ‘cruel’ thoughts on marriage: ‘A slap in the face’

A woman doesn’t want her boyfriend referring to her as his “wife.” 

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to share her reasoning. The woman and her boyfriend have been together for over five years and have a 1-year-old son together. But when it was time for the pair to get married, the boyfriend called off the wedding two days before the ceremony. 

“Marriage/a proposal are very important to me,” the woman wrote. “He said he’d marry me because he plans on being with me indefinitely anyway and because he thinks it’d be good for our son. During my pregnancy, he mentioned several times that he wanted to get married before our son was born. I waited but never got a proposal or anything. Last month was our five-year anniversary and I thought it’d be great to get married that day. I was heartbroken he still never proposed, especially because he proposed to his last girlfriend before me with a ring and everything.” 

She gave up on a romantic proposal and ceremony. He then agreed to a small ceremony to sign the marriage license as long as she organized everything without his help. 

“Two days before the wedding, the day I planned to go get the license, he said he felt, ‘forced and pushed into getting married’ and didn’t like the idea of doing it now,” the user explained. “So I had to cancel everything and explain to everyone at work when they asked how the wedding went. It was so pathetic and humiliating. I went into a major depressive episode and didn’t even think we would be together much longer. […] He recently introduced me to someone as, ‘This is my wife, Alicia.’ It felt like a slap in the f****** face.”

Reddit users felt the boyfriend was mistreating her. 

“This is just absolutely cruel of him,” one user wrote.

“Girl, he had no intention of marrying you and he never will,” another said.

“He has no desire to get married and needs to stop calling you his wife,” someone wrote.

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