Woman taken aback by friend’s ‘inappropriate’ financial request: ‘She is acting entitled’

A woman wasn’t sure what to do when her virtual friend asked for half her vacation money. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. She and her internet friend Mary have known each other for years. Mary had fallen on hard times and the Reddit poster had financially helped her here and there. When the Reddit poster revealed how much she had saved up for her vacation, Mary demanded half the money. 

“I have a very close Playstation friend we’ll call Mary,” the Reddit poster wrote. “Within the last year, Mary has lost her mother to covid, had her handicapped father move into their house and then moved across the US for her husband’s work. A few months ago her husband’s company shut down and he lost his job. He was the soul breadwinner for the house. The bills quickly piled up and a few times over the months our clan members got together and got them groceries and Christmas gifts for her children.”

Things took a turn when the Reddit poster discussed her vacation plans in their group chat. 

“I started talking about my vacation that was coming up shortly,” she explained. “Hubby and I had been saving up and since our vacation in 2020 was canceled we still had that money saved up from last year. The next morning she asked if she could borrow half of our vacation savings since ‘We had saved it for two years it was double what it should be.’ I told her no, that hubby and I were supposed to go to NYC for our 10-year anniversary but since COVID-19 screwed it up we were gonna go crazy this year and have a great time and not have to worry about our budget. She called me crying, saying that this money would really help them out and I firmly told her no. [I] said maybe she could sell her PS5 since she still had a PS4 Pro. At this, she BLEW up, screamed at me at how entitled I am and what a nasty person I was for not helping out her and her family.”

Reddit thought Mary was totally out of line

“She is very inappropriate and is wrong from the beginning,” one user wrote

“She’s the one that’s acting entitled,” a person wrote.

“Honestly, she’s jealous,” a user said.

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