Woman taken aback by friend’s ‘uncomfortable’ online messages: ‘Inappropriate and bizarre’

A woman told her friend to stop asking her for gifts, but it may have ruined their friendship.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to weigh in. The woman began to feel uncomfortable after her friend repeatedly left comments on social media asking for gifts. Anytime the woman or her girlfriend bought something for each other, the friend would also ask for one too. Eventually, the Reddit poster called the friend out on the rude requests.

“On my birthday, my girlfriend got me a stuffed animal,” the Reddit poster wrote. “She can’t afford a lot but it was really nice. On my Facebook post, [the friend] commented, ‘Oh why didn’t you get me one?’ My girlfriend often feels bad she can’t get presents for everyone and I didn’t want her to feel bad, so I deleted it. Then my friend messaged the group chat being like, ‘I want one! Get me one.’ My girlfriend got uncomfortable and said, ‘Maybe for your birthday if I have the money.’ She’s constantly commenting on things my girlfriend or I post, saying, ‘buy me one! I want one!’ like when my girlfriend saved up and bought a Nintendo Switch. My girlfriend laughed it off, but our friend kept asking.”

The Reddit poster grew frustrated with the friend, especially during a time when no one in the scenario was flush with cash. 

“This girl has never offered to give us gifts or anything, she just always asks us for stuff,” the Reddit poster said. “Her birthday is coming up again and she’s starting the whole, ‘No one’s buying me anything for my birthday!’ My girlfriend got uncomfortable and mentioned maybe scraping some money to buy her something but I said no, we shouldn’t put ourselves in a bad financial position for her. Finally, I got mad and told her to quit asking for gifts. We don’t have the extra money to spend, it’s a pandemic. She got really upset and hasn’t spoken to me since. My girlfriend said I was being mean and I should’ve just ignored her.” 

Reddit users thought the friend was out of line.

 “It’s completely inappropriate and bizarre,” one user wrote.

“Who asks for gifts?” another said.

“She is not entitled to a gift,” a person commented.

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