Woman taken aback by mother-in-law’s ‘hurtful’ holiday rules: ‘I thought she was joking…’

A woman’s mother-in-law (MIL) has taken a strange stance on colorful vegetables. 

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to figure out how produce could elicit such a strange reaction. It all began when the woman offered to bring vegetables from her garden to the mother-in-law’s family Christmas dinner. 

“I recently took up gardening and have started growing lots of heirloom variety vegetables (colorful carrots, beans, exotic fruits and tomatoes all the funky colored and amazing stuff! It’s been great therapy for me),” she explained. “We are having a big Christmas this year at the in-laws (Covid-19 is near non-existent here at the moment so we are seriously lucky here!) with lots of hubby’s family.”

She mentioned the vegetable sides to her mother-in-law but didn’t expect her response. 

“She didn’t say much during our convo but after I handed the phone back to hubby she told him that it really wouldn’t be appropriate for me to bring ‘loony colored’ vegetables to Christmas and that people would find it offensive and off-putting. Hubby just laughed thinking it was a joke but she was serious and said absolutely not,” the daughter-in-law wrote.

The woman sent her mother-in-law Pinterest pins of cool vegetables and recipes but it didn’t go over well. 

“She told my hubby she thought I was being offensive and rude to her and he pressed her on why she is so anti colorful vegetables and she just yelled at him to stop being obtuse and tell her to stop being so hurtful! Anyway, I guess I could have just left it rather than messaging her with pins after she said it ‘wouldn’t be appropriate’… I thought she was joking but it seems to have hit a nerve and she has been really weird since,” the user said

Reddit weighed in on the unusual issue. 

“This is the oddest thing I’ve ever heard,” one user said.

“She’s being really weird about it,” another commented

“What a weirdo,” someone added.

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