Woman taken aback by new neighbors’ ‘trespassing’ behavior: ‘That’s just plain rude’

A woman recently bought a home in the suburbs and can’t believe her new neighbors’ behavior

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. The Reddit poster moved into the home to get some privacy during the pandemic but that was the opposite of what she got. Unaccompanied neighborhood kids showed up to play in her backyard on a regular basis without asking for permission. 

“I haven’t met many of my neighbors,” she wrote. “This winter three kids started showing up to sled in my yard. I’m not sure which house they live in, but no one has introduced themselves to me. It only happened a couple of times, so I decided to let it go. Fast forward to a week ago and the same kids started showing up and are playing on a swing set left to me by the previous owner.” 

The homeowner was annoyed with the strangers playing on her property.

“No one had asked and I felt like they were making me responsible for their kids since no adults were around,” she said. “Also, we live a block from a huge park with a playground in a very quiet neighborhood. My boyfriend thinks we should go talk to the neighbors about it and ask for at least an adult to be present. I just want to build a fence and not have to deal with it. But I feel bad denying children joy.” 

Reddit users thought the neighbors were trespassing. 

“That’s just plain rude of your neighbors,” someone wrote

“This is trespassing and they should know better,” another said

“Build a fence,” a user commented

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