Woman transforms boxes from online shopping habit into cars for her cat

Jen Prior found a way to reuse boxes from her online shopping habit.

Instead of tossing the leftover cardboard away, she makes toy cars for her cat, Toltex. Prior, who is also a greeting card designer, is clearly putting her creative skills to good work here. Inspired by cat and dog videos on social media, she decided to film some of her own while in quarantine.

In one of her videos, Toltex sets off in a safari vehicle through “Jurassic Park.” The backyard setup includes paper dinosaurs lurking in the bushes. Prior pulls the box painted to look like the franchise’s jeep with Toltex sitting comfortably in it.

Prior also made Toltex an ambulance, paying homage to NHS, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service. But the third car is Prior’s most elaborate. She created a kitty army tank called the T-minator.  

“My sister tagged me in an article on Facebook of people so bored in quarantine, they’ve been making cardboard tanks for their cats out of cardboard boxes.” Prior told Metro. “So she tagged me in that saying, ‘You should make one for your cat’ — that’s how it started. We’ve ordered so much stuff online since quarantine. We’ve got quite a few boxes around.” 

Prior says that Toltex is a big fan of cardboard boxes and always jumps in them anyway. She spent two hours a night for a week making each vehicle. 

“I spent ages looking on Google images looking at what real ambulances look like — the same as the ‘Jurassic Park’ jeep,” she said. “I would get lots of different angles to make sure that it looks alright.”

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