Woman wins fiancée of the year for birthday surprise

A photographer in Los Angeles has won hearts all over the internet for her over-the-top birthday surprise for her fiancé, all while abiding by social distancing rules.

Hannah Chung and her fiancé Jason Shields had recently moved into their new apartment when social distancing went into effect. That meant not only were their wedding plans put on hold, but they had just relocated to a city where they didn’t know many people and didn’t have the chance to go out and make new friends.

To make matters worse, Shields’s 30th birthday was coming up and, as a freelance filmmaker and photographer, his income was suffering a bit.

Chung knew she had to do something special. But with the lockdown in place, Chung couldn’t even run out to grab ingredients to bake a birthday cake.

The day before Shields’s birthday, he was swamped with a project so Chung had a moment to herself to devise a plan. They were now living in a historical building where all 76 inner units faced an atrium.

Chung wrote out 76 invitations asking neighbors to grab a drink, go to their window overlooking the atrium at 2:30 p.m. the following day and to sing “Happy Birthday” to Shields. She added her cell phone number to RSVP.

She slid the invitations under everyone’s doors and started getting responses almost immediately.

On Shields’s birthday, Chung suggested they head to the roof to get some sun at 2:30 p.m. When she looked outside, she could see people waiting in the windows and one couple had even hung up a “Happy Birthday!” banner. After counting to three, everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to a very stunned and touched Shields.

Neighbors sent in videos they’d recorded of the event and Shields compiled a TikTok commemorating the surprise, which quickly gained traction on the social media platform.

Shields has some pretty high expectations to follow when Chung’s birthday comes around.

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