Woman with Amish in-laws reveals what it’s really like: ‘Way to make you feel real incompetent’

This woman came clean about what it’s like having Amish in-laws.

You can pick your spouse, but you can’t choose your in-laws. No one knows this better than TikToker Kristen Mullet (@kristenmullet), who shared an amusing video describing what it’s like having Amish in-laws through marriage

In the clip, which has over 162k views, Mullet addresses the camera to explain a recent situation at a monthly family gathering.

“My sisters-in-law and my mother-in-law start talking about their cleaning habits,” says Mullet, her eyes widening as though the memory still haunts her. 

“They start asking each other, ‘How often do you clean your windows?’” Mullet continues. 

“My one sister-in-law says once a week. The other, every two weeks, and my mother-in-law says, ‘Oh usually right before church on the inside and the outside. Inside once a week. Outside at least once a month,’” she recalls. 

Mullet admits throughout the conversation she can’t think of a time she’s ever washed her windows, “…except for the inside,” she reveals bashfully. 

“Way to make you feel real incompetent,” Mullet jokes through gritted teeth. 

Luckily Mullet was not alone, as viewers could relate to her experience and took to the comments to share their bewilderment. 

“I work in a primarily Amish town here in Indiana. They’re always buying cleaning products in max quantities. It’s insane,” one TikTok user mentioned. 

“You’re supposed to wash your windows?” joked another viewer. 

Other TikTok users marveled at the work ethic of some of their Amish acquaintances.

“I’m friends with a lot of Amish, and they are all so hard working. They make me feel so lazy. They don’t stop! It’s amazing, actually,” applauded another viewer. 

Regardless of who your in-laws are, it’s reassuring to know that it’s ok to have friendly differences.

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