Woman’s dad accidentally tried to eat a hand towel at a fancy restaurant: ‘Why does it look edible?’

This dad thought a hand towel was a marshmallow at a fancy restaurant and tried to eat it.


We’re not used to this😂 Papa Roe thought he was getting some fancy complimentary marshmallows😂😂😂

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Zoe Roe (@zozoroe) is a TikToker and influencer who shares stories, comedy videos and funny moments from her life. In a recent video that has racked up more than 62 million views, Roe shared the hilarious moment she took her parents out to a fancy dinner and her dad mistook a hand towel for a piece of food.

The video begins with a shot of the table at the restaurant Roe is visiting with her family. A waiter puts down a bowl full of bite-sized white cubes that look a bit like marshmallows. The waiter pours hot water on the cubes, then walks away.

The camera pans up to show Roe’s parents sitting across the table. Roe’s parents each reach out and grab one of the “marshmallows.” While Roe’s mom simply holds the “marshmallow” in her hand, Roe’s dad plucks it out of the bowl and pops it into his mouth. 

“It’s a towel!” Roe’s mom exclaims, grabbing Roe’s dad’s shoulder. 

“What?” asks the confused dad, spitting the towel out into his hand.

The dad looks around in confusion as Roe’s mom begins to laugh uproariously. After a moment, Roe’s dad also begins laughing. 

“When you bring your parents to a fancy restaurant and they don’t know how to act,” Roe writes in a caption. 

Roe’s parents continue to laugh, and Roe’s dad sheepishly begins to unroll the hand towel. Then Roe turns the camera around to show her own reaction. She, too, is laughing hysterically at her dad’s misunderstanding. 

“We’re not used to this,” she writes. “Papa Roe thought he was getting some fancy complimentary marshmallows.”

“I would have done the same.”

Viewers were cracking up at the confused dad!

“If it’s not edible, why does it look edible? I swear, I would have done the same,” one sympathetic viewer wrote. 

“I’m with him. I was like, ‘Them some fancy marshmallows,’” commented another viewer. 

“My family and I clapped when the server poured the water over them because we had no idea what was going on,” another TikToker shared. 

Sometimes a faux pas can be embarrassing, but it’s healthy to be able to laugh about it.

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